Sunday, October 12, 2008

You Know You're A Runner When...

  • You carry around a sample package of a sports drink powder in your bag or purse
  • You have a crumpled race T-shirt riding shotgun in your car
  • You dream about running, to wit:
I had yet another marathon dream. This one involved me running the first ten miles of the marathon by myself somewhere else and then attempting to join the field at mile 10. Once again I was wearing my green first-timers bib, but this time I had not picked up my race packet and therefore did not have a timing chip on my shoe (I know, I was wearing my bib, but it was a dream, it's not supposed to be 100% logical). When I realized that I was not going to receive a time for my effort, I became very upset. There was crying and yelling. I said, "But what about Boston?"

Indeed, what about Boston. What about everything. I have a sick creeping feeling that the flaring pain in my fibula is not going to go away and I will be running on it as it is come Sunday. I am on the verge of downgrading my expectations to "just finish." It hurt like hell for the duration of my 12-miler yesterday, though it hurt less when I ran faster. I decided to pretend that the last 2 miles of the run were the last 2 miles of the marathon. How much did I have left; how badly did I want it? I ran miles 11 and 12 in 8:04 and 7:57 respectively. Of course once I finished, I was in agony and limping very badly as I walked home. Icing the traitorous area seemed to help but I am really anxious. Very anxious, very nervous, very upset. There is only one week left before the race. Why did this-- whatever it is, and I don't even want to think about "the S.F. word"-- have to happen NOW?

I shall see how it feels when I do my easy 4-miler tomorrow morning. Please please please please PLEASE let it be nothing skeletal.

I hope to soon read some race reports, from my fellow run-bloggers who participated in marathons this weekend.


BeachRunner said...

Dang, I hope your fibby feels better soon. But dont put too much pressure on yourself. If you arent strong enough for this one, no worries, there will be tons of other races.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whoever said that those pre-marathon dreams were rational? I've had a dream like that before as well, as well as an "on no, I've overslept!" dream.

Hope the shin works itself out! Shin splints? or something else? Just ice, ice, ice, and aleve, aleve, and aleve. With the taper, you are already cutting back, so you don't have to worry much about that part. Just enjoy the taper, and don't let yourself get too stressed out about it. You are almost there! Just keep visualizing the race and the finish line, and take care of yourself this week!

chia said...

Why is it tapering brings out all these odd creaks and pains at the last minute :-(?!?!

If I can offer one bit of advice, try not to roll too much off the toes on your run tomorrow. Place foot, launch. Try to stop from rolling all the way through and see if the fibula pain subsides. Think "light as a feather."

You're going to be golden sweetie. If it feels better when you speed up, it's not a fracture and you're just battling you're own biodynamics.

BQ or no BQ... you're a rockstar in all of our eyes. No joke.

Loves and hope!

Nitmos said...

Keep the faith. RICE like a what you can. Do not lose confidence just yet!! You ahve trained very hard and are still in great shape. Don't discount the pain blocking power of race day adrenaline!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart aches & pains during taper are completely normal. Not to minimize your concerns & suffering AT ALL, but hopefully this is just that--your body doing exactly what it should be doing during its taper. gthering strength for the coming race.

Unknown said...

You also know you are a runner when:

1. you prefer gel packets to the actual product: for example apple cinnamon is better than apple pie

2. when stuck in traffic you think about ditching the car to run to your destination

Rest this week and stay off your feet as much as possible.

Marcy said...

I was going to say the same thing as Chia. I was having crotcherlar pain during taper like no one's business. WTF was that about?!?

Hang in there, I hope for the best ;D