Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

One of my goals for 2009 is to run at least one race each month. As you all are aware, January is almost over and Saturday is the last day I can squeeze in a race. I already have February's race on deck: the Super 5K, which will be on Sunday the 1st. I ran that race last year and scored an age group award.

Now, as for Saturday. I have two options.

One: the Frozen Blueberry 5K in Montrose. It starts at 10:00 am and is a regular old 5K road race. However, it's 85 miles away from my house. Which begs the question: how far is too far to drive to run a road race?

Two: the Winter Switchback Run, which also starts at 10:00 am, and is a mere 10 minutes away from my house. The downside is it's a trail run up some pretty brutal hills (which I am quite familiar with, having once upon a time lived in a small house not far from there) , it's not timed, there are no awards, and it sounds like it's not even measured accurately; therefore, can it even be called a "race"?

However, it's only 8 miles away from my house as opposed to 85.

On the other hand, Montrose is close to the Birch Run Outlet Mall-O-Plex, and there's a great kitchen gadetry and cookware store there which I have not visited in some time (for good reason; I have a weakness for shiny pots and pans). Additionally, it appears that age group competition is light and it is likely I would score some AG hardware.

Nasty trail run very close to home vs. road race far far away but with added bonus of shopping afterward...what to do...


joyRuN said...

Given that I just committed to driving 90 miles for a training run on Sunday, I see nothing wrong with the Frozen Blueberry 5k.

Plus it sounds cuter too :)

CJ said...

Hey Sarah,

I came across your blog and have really enjoyed reading all of your posts and wanted to just say hi. As far as too far to travel for a (short distance) race, my husband and I flew on New Years Eve so I could get a race in and saved what would have been an hour and half drive. Yes we are nuts :)


Mechelle said...

Montrose also has a five mile blueberry fest race in August where it took them over 5 hours to get any type of results and those were not even final results. The refused to send out AG awards so many of us went without.

I'm not trying to discourage you but you may end up disappointed if you have not run in the Montrose area before, but hey, pots and pans might make it worth it!

Good Luck!