Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Conveniently Located

Upon checking the instructions for race packet pick-up for the Martian Half Marathon, I thought the street grid layout looked familiar.

Turns out the race expo location is a mere 0.3 miles (as Google Maps flies) from the area's most majestic purveyor of beer, Merchant's Fine Wine. Seriously. Just take a look at their American beer list. It's 12 pages long. And let's not even get into their selection of imports.

I am giddy, giddy, I tell you, with excitement. I shop for beer at Merchant's the way I used to stand wide-eyed in the aisles of Toys-R-Us when I was a child. It's that awe-inducing. One can easily lose an hour or more just staring down a wall of Belgian ales.

Since I cannot buy beer until noon on Sunday (curse you, Michigan blue laws! Someone said to me yesterday that "beer should be available 24/7 as a constitutional right!" and I totally agree) I guess I will have to do so on Saturday...sigh. Such a hardship, I tell ya.

Edited to add: No, it's is not a drive-through. Fine. it's not the world's greatest beer store. But it's close.


MCM Mama said...

That's an awesome list of beers! I can probably get as many or more around here, but I have to check several different places.

Unknown said...

That is an outstanding list. There are so many to choose..Where does one start?

tfh said...

How fortuitous! I have a feeling that just being in such proximity to such a place will no doubt infuse you with special running powers. (Or, if not that, the thought of the beers you've purchased awaiting you post-race.)

Spike said...

if the place doesn't have a drive thru it can't be as good as you are saying, I'm just saying.

Carolina John said...

our house is 2 blocks from a drive through beer store. and it is still considered to be a nice part of town. haha!

raulgonemobile said...

OMG.. this is a real store? It's not some fantasyland? It gives me chills just looking at the list, I can't imagine being there.

This is the vacation destination of a lifetime!

I'd totally run that race.

B. Kramer said...

Reason #4,009,435 why Michigan sucks.

Good luck getting good beer for proper post-race hydration.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I used to live in PA and I dunno if it's something about PA's Quaker roots or what, but when I was growing up and spending my teenage weekends trying to illegally obtain beer (in the mid-'70s), it was IMPOSSIBLE to get in Philadelphia! First of all, the drinking age was 21 (back when that was unusual) and PA had STATE likker stores, which didn't sell beer; for beer, you had to go to a beer distributor, and those guys only sold by the case - which is NO HELP to a kid with only enough for a six.

Thank GOD for NJ, where the drinking age was 18 and was just a short ride over a bridge away (I lived in Philadelphia). And in NJ, they had NO scruples about serving kids who were CLEARLY nowhere NEAR 18.

I'm soooo glad THAT nightmare is over.

There's a liquor store on my way home from the library with a nice selection (it's where I got the Hennepin I was looking for) but it's not 12 pages long good!

Lucky you!

LMAO @ tfh! "How fortuitous!" We're talkin' beer here, Miss Thing, not Dom PĂ©rignon!