Saturday, December 12, 2009

Run Like the Dickens 5K...and more

This morning I went up to Holly to run in what was most likely my last race of 2009: the Run Like The Dickens 5K. It was a fairly chilly 15 degrees when I arrived at the race venue, and I spent some time huddled in my car after getting my race number before doing a 15-minute warmup. I flaked out on both of my racing opportunities last weekend, a failure which was easier to swallow because I had not preregistered for either race. This one, however, I registered for earlier this week, so my primary motivation was not to let my entry fee go to waste. Oh and that silly goal I set for myself of running at least one race every month of 2009.

I wasn't anticipating a fast time; I just wanted to have an evenly-paced, smart race. Miles 1 and 2 were both 7:35. Excellent. My stupid hamstring injury flared up again out of nowhere , which forced me to alter my form, but I decided I wasn't going to let it slow me down and I barreled through the pain. Mile 3 was 7:39, and I finished with a chip time of 23:44. The post-race food spread was...unreal. Instead of bagels, bananas, and granola bars, this was a line of folding tables groaning under the weight of holiday goodies:

And this was after some containers had been cleared away, plus there was another table behind me!

I hung around to see if I had accomplished anything in my age group, and to my surprise, I placed first! I received a rather nice mug for my efforts:

Enjoying coffee out of my age group award.

After a quick shower and clothes change at home, I went to Ann Arbor for the annual Community Handel's Messiah Singalong. This was an informal gathering of musicians from the area, both orchestra and singers, who join together for the enjoyment of wonderful music. Three hours of singing and my voice was like warm butter. I came home, rested my voice by reading the newspaper, and then sang some opera. I produced my single best high E flat ever at the end of "Spargi d'amaro pianto," a note so ringing and gorgeous I burst out with a "holy shit!" when I was done. However, I could feel my voice getting fatigued and I knew I wanted to record myself before it went totally down the drain. Therefore, I give you: me. Never before heard on this site. Please be kind (of course all I hear are mistakes...)

"Eh parti..." recitative from Mozart's Cosi fan tutte

The great end cadenza of "Nei giardin del bello," from Verdi's Don Carlo, in which you can hear the truncated end of me saying "God dammit!" as I completely mess up the words, and then an exasperated sigh.


Dana said...

Nice Mug! :)

Jason said...

You have a great blog here. I found it on one of my friend's sites. I have a blog myself where people from around the world come and debate on popular issues. I am telling you this because after looking at your blog I know you can provide some valuable input to many readers of my site.

I also would like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between us. If you wish, please leave a comment under my "Compadres" page when you have placed my link up and I'll return the favor.

Keep up the good work.


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great job!! You were blazing fast...hamstring hurting or not! Way to take out 2009.

OMGosh on all the goodies. They'd go great with your coffe via your winning mug! Congrats on placing.

CJ said...

Congrats on the AG win! Nice mug!!


Spike said...

contrats on an AG win and on your last race of the year. you know how much I hate hate hate coffee mugs as AG awards, but a win is still a win!

Nitmos said...

I was this close (fingers pinched incredibly close together) to signing up for the 10k but decided against at the last minute. Looking at that food, I wish I had. Nicely done!

girlrunningaround said...

Great job! I ran this race a few years ago and got an awesome long sleeved, turtle neck technical tee, which I wear on almost every winter run. And Holly is such a cute little town!

Jen Feeny said...

Woo hoo on the AG award!!! :) Yay!!!\

(sorry I am so behind on my reader)

mr loser said...

Cool to hear your voice, but I couldn't understand any of the words. Why can't Mozart and all those other wing-wearing dudes be like everyone else use English? What's next, foreigners forcing us to use their supposedly "better" metric system for race distances? lol