Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Hello There, Age Group Win!

The Redhead asked me last week if I would be interested in running a little 5K race not far from her home in Howell. I said, "sure!" The Engineer was on board as well, and thus early Saturday morning we drove to the Redhead's place. The three of us did a warmup run of about a mile to the race venue, which was probably a very good thing, as the temperature Saturday morning was about 37 degrees. This was a low-key local race in its purest form: about 150 participants, no chip timing, teenagers working the bullhorn, lots of little kids, a dog on foot, start and finish at the local high school. The "go" signal was a 3-2-1 countdown, and then we were off.

My race "strategy" was to run comfortably hard for the first mile, assess how I felt, and press on or modify from there. first mile was an 8:05.

8:05?!?! What the hell? I hadn't run that fast in who knows how long...years, probably. Okay, I thought. I feel good, let's roll with this. Mile 2 was an 8:14; I had slipped a little but that was still far beyond my expectations. At mile 3 I decided to let it all hang out and push with as much as I was capable of. I don't know what my 3M split was, but I finished in 25:35 (8:15/M). It was my fastest 5K time in 2 years. I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't been trying that hard, just running at a pace that seemed appropriate but not punishing.

Even better, when awards were handed out about 30 minutes later (a time period during which it started SNOWING), all of us won age group awards--the Redhead and I took home age group wins, and the Engineer took second in his age group. He had the misfortune of being in the same age group as the winner of the race...who ran it in 15:59. Overachiever!

Yes, we were dressed like this on April 28.
We ran back to the Redhead's place, warmed up a little, and departed. The Engineer and I went straight to Ypsilanti to the Wurst Bar, where we enjoyed a couple of brews and some yummy food.

This race has given me confidence that I may yet regain the speed I had three years ago. My weights loss (25 lbs!) and more focused training have yielded concrete results. I improved my 5K time on Saturday by more than three minutes over what I ran at the Shamrocks and Shenanigans on March 10. My next race is Saturday at the Heart and Sole 10K right here in Chelsea. I can walk to the start from my house! It's the Holy Grail of race venues!

Obligatory Cat Picture:

Bouhaki watching Game of Thrones. He is my little TV addict.


C said...

Love GoT! Love your cat watching GoT! Congrats on the speediness and the age group win! I need to stop with the exclamation marks and go to sleep now! :)

Jen Feeny said...

Ooooo is that the new TV?!?!? Very fancy!

Thanks again for braving the elements and joining me for this incredibly small race! :) I am so proud of you with your weight loss and running, there is still plenty of untapped speed in there, of that I assure you!!!

Holly said...

This is all great to hear!! The last time I ran 8:00 was when I was 13 years old. LOL.

So good to hear your mojo is back. Keep me posted on your next CLE visit. We gotta make this happen!

BrianFlash said...

My cats have zero interest in the TV - no matter the fare.

Congrats on the win!

Nitmos said...

Wow, kick ass! Was it snowing that morning? I must have been all cuddled in bed under piles of warm blankets and warm Mrs. Nitmos and didn't notice.

Great job.

Spike said...

Great Job. Sorry I wasn't able to be there. I would have been an amazing cheerleader.

Jan Brown said...

Hey! Congratulations on the win. That's awesome!

I had one of those last summer and was thrilled until I realized that three or four women in the next oldest age group had kicked my ass. LOL!

And, BTW, the Engineer's really cute! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Age group win! Woot! Most Excellent! That deserved a special beer so I hope you did right!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

AG wins are always schweet!

I assume, having never won one.

25 lbs? Nice! I need to get to work on my fat ass. I think I could stand to lose about 15-20 myself.

The Tribe got their collective asses handed to them last night, but no worries! They're still in 1st by two games ...