Monday, July 2, 2007

One More Variable

So far I have talked about Weight Watchers and running as the two major parts of my journey. There is a third part, one that cannot be overlooked, which is as crucial to my success as either of the others. That would be the surgery I underwent in February. I had a total hysterectomy and it profoundly changed my life for the better.

Having surgery put an end to several years of misery and torment. Almost immediately my health and general well-being began to improve. Six weeks after surgery I was given the OK by my surgeon to recommence running and than was when I began running in earnest. Since surgery I feel as if I am bursting with energy and vitality, qualities in which I had been seriously lacking in the years "B.H." (before hysterectomy).

This is my life A.H. After hysterectomy. And it ROCKS!

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B. Kramer said...

No wonder you've gotten faster. If I could lighten myself by subtracting body parts, I'd be faster too.