Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fifty Pounds!

I have now lost 50 pounds. I reached this milestone at weigh-in last night. Last week I was 0.4 lbs shy of 50; I shed that and finally reached the big 5-0. At the end of the meeting I received a little medallion to put on my 10% key chain (which I received when I lost 10% of my starting weight, which was 21.8 pounds). Everyone clapped and I felt so good. Fifty pounds of me, gone. Fifty pounds of fat burned up or exchanged for muscle. I'd like to know where it all went. Did I just metabolize it out of my system? It's not like there's fifty pounds of me in a box in the closet that I can look at and say, "I used to have that hanging on me all the time!"

I can get a sense of just how much 50 pounds is when I haul around big boxes of cat litter. The big 25-lb ones. With one in each hand, I can feel exactly how heavy 50 pounds is and think, "How did I ever manage to do anything with all this extra weight?" No wonder I feel so much lighter!

I decided to switch to the WW Core plan, which allows me to eat larger quantities of certain foods rather than limited amounts of anything I want (the Flex Points Plan). I think the fuel requirements my body needs these days because of running are more than I could get from the Points Plan. I need FUEL, people! Running 5 miles before work takes a lot out of a person! And when the week before the half marathon rolls around I am going to need to ingest all the fuel I can handle to get me through the race. 22 Points allowed a day is not going to be enough.

After losing 50 pounds, what's next? I'm on the home stretch towards Goal. 13.2 more pounds. So close. So very, very close!

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Tina said...

Congrats on the milestone, that's awesome!:-)