Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Other Stuff about the Detroit Race

Some more impressions of the Detroit race:
  • Did anyone else see that guy who was dribbling three basketballs? I passed him on Michigan Ave soon after the start. Crazy! I heard from someone else that there was another dude who was juggling!
  • I found all of the discarded clothing very amusing. The highest concentration of castoffs was before the bridge though I saw scattered items throughout the race. I guess some folks got warmer than they expected.
  • The brass ensemble playing "Eye of the Tiger" along Riverside Dr in Windsor. Some guys near me started singing along.
  • One of the sound systems along Michigan Ave in the first mile of the race was playing "Running on Empty." Some guy next to me yelled out, "Not yet, man!"
  • Guys taking leaks wherever they felt like it. Do y'all know how lucky you are to be able to do that?!
  • People talking on their cell phones during the race. Good grief, is there nowhere that is a cell phone-free zone anymore?

1 comment:

Fritz said...

Yah; guys do have it nice. Never hear a word otherwise from me.

Also, I did use a cell phone for my first two marathons, but only quick calls to tell my support team where I was and when to expect me.

Re: professional pics- yah, their prices bite. I got one when I finished my first full, but I've skipped them since then.